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International Journal of Management Sciences and Humanities (IJMSH)
hereby invites scholars, researchers and practitioners to submit research papers for consideration and
publication in
Vol. 4, No. 1 edition of the Journal. Please click here for author guidelines and other details.
Manuscript should be submitted not later than March 31, 2016. For Online Submission click here


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IJMSH hereby invite Scholars and Practitioners to submit research papers for publication... Click here to know more

Author of research papers to IJMSH can find answers to several questions regarding doing business with the Journal on this page. Please, make full advantage of detailed information provided below.

1. Is IJMSH open to all authors, irrespective of their discipline or area of specialization?
Yes. IJMSH is a journal that provides unlimited opportunity for authors from diverse disciplines including but not limited to management sciences, humanities, sciences, engineering, internet and computer technology, etc.

2. Do I need to register as an author before using the IJMSH website?
Yes. Please click on Register Link to complete your registration.

3. How often is IJMSH published and what period of the year?
IJMSH is published twice a year – March and September.

4. Is IJMSH a double blind and peer reviewed journal?
Yes. IJMSH is both double blind and peer reviewed journal. As a double blind reviewed journal, both reviewer's and author's identity is not reviewed to each other. As a peer reviewed journal, the papers are subject to evaluation by expert in the relevant field to enhance their quality.

5. Is IJMSH published in both printed and online versions?
Yes. IJMSH is printed in both printed and online versions.

6. Must I pay for both versions of IJMSH?
Not necessarily. Payment of publication fee gives you free access to online version of the journal. However, payment of an additional fee is required for a printed copy of the journal.

7. In what currency can I pay my publication and other fees?
Foreign authors are required to pay in Dollar while local authors can pay in Dollar or its equivalent in Naira.

8. Following the acceptance of my paper for publication in IJMSH how can I pay?
You make payment into either of the IJMSH account in Zenith Bank or Guaranty Trust Bank.

9. How can I inform IJMSH of my payment?
You inform IJMSH of your payment by sending the scanned copy of your deposit teller to

10. Following the payment of publication fee how soon can I receive letter of acceptance?
You receive letter of acceptance not later than 72 hours after confirmation of your payment.

11. Can I have free access to my research paper online once I pay the publication fee?
Yes. Access is all yours.

12. Can I have free access to old publications of IJMSH?
Yes. Access is all yours. Please click the Publication Link and click the Archive Link to access old publications of the journal

13. How can I subscribe for the hard copy of IJMSH?
You can subscribe by clicking the Subscription Link, filling and submitting the subscription form or by sending your subscription order directly to

14. How can I pay for my subscription?
You make payment into either of the IJMSH account in Zenith Bank or Guaranty Trust Bank and send the scanned copy of your deposit teller to

15. How can I take delivery of my subscription once payment has been made and confirmed?
Please click the subscription link on the home page to indicate your preferred delivery mode. You will get delivery of IJMSH few days after the confirmation of your payment.

17. In what type of English can I write my paper to be published in IJMSH?
British English or American English. Mixture of the two is not allowed. For example, Materialise (British) and Materialize (American). You need to be consistent with your choice.

18. What type of research paper does IJMSH publish?
IJMSH publishes a reviewed article and an empirical article.

19. Does IJMSH publish special edition?
Yes. IJMSH special edition may be devoted to the publication of SM&BS Conference Papers.

20. Can I submit more than one article for publication in same edition of IJMSH?
Yes. As long as they are good papers and considered publishable by our reviewers.

21. Can I submit an article I have earlier submitted to another journal for publication in IJMSH?
No. the standard practice is that any paper submitted for assessment for publication in one journal cannot be submitted for publication in another journal.

22. Are there any guidelines I need to comply with before submitting my article?
Yes. Please click the Author’s Guidelines Link.

23. How can I submit my article for publication in IJMSH?
You can submit by clicking the Online Submission Link and uploading your article or by sending your article directly to

24. What is the page limit of an article submitted for publication in IJMSH?
The maximum page limit for your paper, including title, abstract and references is 20.

25. What are the font type, font size and line spacing for an article submitted for publication in IJMSH?
Authors are required to present their papers in Times New Roman font, 12 font size and double line spacing

26. How can I be a reviewer for IJMSH?
You can be a reviewer by contacting the Chief Editor at by forwarding your Curriculum Vitae to him.

27. What is the minimum academic qualification for IJMSH?
The minimum qualification to be reviewer for IJMSH is Ph.D in any discipline.

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